Snoring Is Linked To Poor Vision

In our times, it is quite difficult to find a person who would not be familiar with sleep disorders. Our busy lifestyle, endless stresses, using plenty of medications, improper nutrition and a lack of physical activities, improper environment in our bedrooms, getting involved in various stimulating activities before the bed time – those are just […]

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Full Moon Can Cause Sleep Disturbances

Some people are quite sensitive and very much dependent on the conditions like outdoor temperature, wind strength, various other weather conditions, including even Sun and Moon phases. The phenomena of being dependent on the lunar rhythms with our sleep cycles has been known and studied by many researchers, and the findings regarding this issue were […]

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Using Laptops And Cell Phones Before The Bedtime Is Linked To Increased Stresses

Modern time’s technologies give us totally amazing new opportunities. We can play incredible 3D games, we can watch TV channels from all over the world, we can talk to our friends in other countries, we can read books and watch movies at any time, listen to any kind of music, etc etc. It is a […]

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Using Sleeping Pills Is Linked To Seeing Bad Dreams

A lot is said and written about the importance of a regular good night’s sleep for all modern people. Unfortunately, very few of us can say that they benefit from a high quality and sufficient sleep every night. As a result, most of us suffer from impaired function of the immune system, increased risks for […]

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Insomnia Is Linked To Sexual Life Disruption

A lot is said and written about the importance of a good night sleep on a regular basis for all of us. Millions of people around the world suffer from insomnia and chronic lack of sleep, and they complain a lot about feeling always tired and exhausted, about inability to focus and get concentrated on […]

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