7 Best Yoga Poses To Combat Insomnia

It is estimated that currently, over 60 million citizens of the United States suffer from chronic insomnia. This is a very common sleep problem linked to a chronic lack of sleep, inability to fall asleep at night, frequent waking up and prolonged periods of sleep deprivation. forward bendThere is a great deal of various techniques and various sorts of treatment to insomnia, which include using special stress management and relaxation techniques, medications and herbal remedies, aromatherapy and other alternative treatments, undergoing special therapeutic programs and so on. Though such practice as yoga is usually not valued too high as an effective treatment for insomnia, there are theories and even books written on the effectiveness of this ancient therapeutic approach.

There are 7 most effective yoga poses that can give any of us a proper end-of-day relaxation and stress relieve. Check out these simple stretching exercises which can work great as an interesting alternative treatment for insomnia.

Asana 1: Forward Bent. This is one of the most common and basic poses which is widely practiced and included to most of individual yoga programs. Known also as Uttanasana, this forward bent pose involves hard bending over and trying to make your forehead go far to touch your keen. Though it obviously can be quite hard to achieve to many people, Forward Bent pose is a very relaxing one for the muscles of our legs, shoulders and our back.

Wide Legged Forwad BendAsana 2: Wide Legged Forward Bent. This is another very common yoga pose known also as Prasarita Padottanasana. It is very similar to the previous one, and the only difference is doing the same movement when your legs are spread several feet apart. It is enough to remain in this pose just for 20-30 seconds in order to bring a great relief to your spine and your brain. Also, Wide Legged Forward Bent is supposed to be one of the best and the most effective yoga poses for back leg and back muscle stretching.

Asana 3: Child’s Pose. This is one of the best yoga poses to rest and relax, and the main advantage of this Child's Posepose is that it can be used by everyone, even those who are just the beginners in yoga. Known as Balasana, this pose involves kneeling on the floor and placing the buttocks on your heels, then separating the knees as wide as the hips. It is possible to leave your arms rest on the sides, or stretch them out in front of the body. Child’s Pose is recommended as a great technique to relieve anxiety, stresses and insomnia.

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  1. Great info! Yoga is fantastic to do if you suffer from insomnia.

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