7 Most Common Symbols We See In Our Derams

Sooner or later, everyone of us start thinking, what one or another dream of ours can mean? We tend to look for a secret or hidden meaning of our dreams, or even a foreshadow. Some people like checking out dream-books to see what one of another pert of their dreams can mean. Below, there are 7 most popular symbols that we see in our dreams very often.

1. MoneyMoney. If you see money in your dream, they symbolize something that is very important in your life. For example, if you find a good amount of money in your dream, it can mean that you are happy in your life. But if you lose money or give it away, it usually brings some negative changes in your life.

2. House. If you build a house in your dream, it means that soon you’ll receive a rise or your incomes will increase. If you see yourself being back to an old house, it means that you’ll receive a good news. If you see a big, wealthy and beautiful house, this means that you will be successful in your deeds and activities.

3. Falling down. If you fall down in your dream, it means that you afraid to lose control of yourself in your life. If you hurt yourself while falling down in your dream, it can mean that you’ll have obstacles on your way to achieving your goals, but you’ll combat those difficulties. You in your dream you see someone falling down, this means that you’ll take a lesson form someone else’s mistakes.

4. Chase. If you are being chased in your dream, it means that you are under deep effects of stresses. If you are followed by a stranger, he or she symbolizes a reason of your stresses. If in your dream you managed to escape the follower, it means that you’ll beat your problems and stresses as well.

5.Loss A loss. If you lost something in your dream, it is a symbol of uncertainty and inability to make a right decision. If you lost a piece of clothing, it means that you are having problems with the people you love.If in your dream you lost something that is very important for you, this can mean that you’ll have to experience a serious loss or problems in real.

6. Sex. If in your dream you make love and take a real pleasure of that, it means that you are in a good and harmonic relationship with your partner. But if you are making love and receive no pleasure, it means that you are having problems with your partner. If in your dream while you are making love someone sees you, it meas that in real someone is very interested in your private life.

7. Teeth. Teeth symbolizing stability and maturity. If in your dream your teeth are falling out, it means that in real you’ll have to face difficulties and troubles. If in your dreams a specialist is treating your teeth, it means that someone will help you to sole your problems and difficulties.

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