9 Amazing Facts About Our Dreams

We all see dreams, and for most of us dreams are something mystic, intriguing and unclear. Sometimes we see beautiful calming colored dreams, reminding us about the beautiful times of our childhood. Sometimes we see something that makes us worrying, stressed out or anticipating something bad. Sometimes we see dreams that make us feel scared or frightened. Some people see the same dreams all over again, and some are even able to rule their dreams, “making” themselves see what they want to. Very strange…

sleepCheck out the most interesting and the most strange factors about our dreams. Share these interesting facts with your friends and be aware what your dreams are all about.

1. It was estimated that people spend about 6 years of their lives seeing dreams while sleeping in their beds.

2. The studies have shown that most of us usually see from four to seven different dreams every night.

3. In our dreams we always see only what we know. Faces, houses, images and pictures we see in our dreams are only based on what we have already seen before in our life.

4. It is considered that we really can control and manage our dreams when we see so called ‘lucid dreams’. We can fly and actually do whatever we want to!

5. If someone (or you) is snoring, as a rule he or she can not see dreams at those moments.

dreaming6. Despite of seeing good and positive dreams quite often, it was proven that such emotions as fear and anger are dominant for all of us when we are dreaming.

7. Researchers have shown that we tend to forget up to 90 per cent of what we were seeing in our dreams just in 10 minutes after we wake up.

8. Dreams is not something related to only us, humans, and animals can too see dreams when they are sleeping.

9. Finally, according to the latest studies and researches, modern scientists are very much close to being able to record and interpret our dreams, because there are systems created which are able to record higher-level brain activity. This will be an amazing opportunity to understand why and how we all dream!

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2 thoughts on “9 Amazing Facts About Our Dreams

  1. Very well written article…..
    It seems that you have done a deep research before writing this article…
    good work… keep posting…

  2. We forget 90% of the dreams!!! interesting fact.

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