Some Alternative Treatment For Insomina

Treatment For InsomniaMany of us spend hours and lots of efforts looking for a special effective treatment for insomnia. We tried everything: lowering caffeine consumption, getting rid of bad habits, avoiding stresses and worries, drinking melissa tea, going to sleep at the same time every night, changing the color of our bedroom and many other recommended tips that were promised to work out well. But still it was too hard to combat this serious problem, and we go on tossing and turning in our beds for hours and then feeling tired and restless all day long.

A new idea (which is actually not a new thing, but the thing which does not come to our mind, when we are thinking about a possible treatment for insomnia) was offered by the scientists from the University of Pittsburgh, who carried out a series of experiments with the volunteers suffering from regular insomnia. It turned out that opening a bedroom window and letting some fresh air in before the bedtime can substantially improve our sleep quality. In addition, during the experiments it also proved to be effective to place a piece of wet fabric on the forehead. Cooling effects of the wet fabric helped the participants to relax and fall asleep much faster.

It is a known fact that when we sleep, our brain activities slow down. But those who suffer from insomnia demonstrate no slowing down in brain activities. In this context, the scientists are convinced that giving more of fresh air and cooling down the forehead can help to slow down chemical processes in our brain and set it up for sleeping and rest. The experts from Pittsburgh University point on the fact that good amount of oxygen in the air can have very positive effects on our sleep quality and become a new alternative treatment for insomnia. They recommend everyone keeping the bedroom window opened at least for 10-15 minutes every time before going to sleep.

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