An Effective Way To Stop Snoring

Snoring is quite a serious problem that the majority of senior people have to experience. It is a condition when the air a person takes in causes vibrations of the relaxed tissues in the throat. As a result, quite loud and unpleasant harsh sounds are created. Snoring is not only disturbing for the people around, it can also indicate pretty serious health problems. According to the specialists, the main causes of snoring include such factors as having extra weight, suffering from sleep apnea, nasal conditions and the specifics of mouth anatomy, alcohol consumption before going to sleep, and others.

Stop SnoringActually, ineffective weight management should be considered the most common cause and the most serious inclination to snoring. Recent researches demonstrated that those people who are affected by snoring usually have extra weight and have to fight against other consequences of this problem (including breathlessness, varicose veins, etc.). Based on the findings of such studies, the scientists offered a new approach to the treatment, which can help thousands of people stop snoring.

The experts are convinced that in order to achieve positive results and stop snoring, it can be enough to lower the person’s weight for 10%, and this will cause a substantial snoring relief for quite a long period of time. “In the majority of people, extra weight causes cessation of breathing at night, that is why the risk of developing such habit as snoring is much higher,” a Spanish researcher comments. According to this scientists, snoring relief is something very important as snoring is linked to serious disruption of cardio-vascular system function and can cause a stroke.

The experiments in Spain involved middle-aged men and women, who suffered from regular snoring. They were offered a healthy nutrition plan and effective weight management techniques, which helped the participants to shed 20-25 lbs. As a result, 35% of the participants managed to achieve a substantial snoring relief and be back to normal breathing patterns during their night’s sleep. At that those participants, who did not follow the diet displayed no changes in their night’s snoring routine.

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