The Best Place to Sleep: Your Beedroom

Bedroom ColorsThere is no need to mention how important it is to have a favorable environment for good and restful sleep. Many factors related to our sleep environment have great effects on the quality of our sleep. How does your bedroom look? What color of the walls, furniture and window curtains do you have there? What type of bed do you have? What kind of light do you have ? Do you have any plants in your bedroom? Is it a good place to hide yourself from outside noise and daily stresses? Ask yourself these questions and analyze the results you received. If you are not satisfied with the style of your bedroom, we can try to improve it together.

First of all, there must be no bright and glaring colors in your bedroom. Pale blue, lavender or whitish green colors have the greatest calming effect and can help you relax and fall asleep easily. It is very important to choose good window curtains for your bedroom. Buy curtains made of natural fabrics as they can protect your room better from street light and dust. Color of the curtains has to match the color of the walls and still be calm and quiet. Do not place a lot of furniture in your bedroom, this way there will be more space for air to circulate.

The light in your bedroom must be soft, relaxing and romantic, but at the same time it must be quite bright. It is better to use several small lights instead of a very bright one. Avoid bright lanterns or the lights that can give direct light beams into your eyes when you are lying down on your bed. If you share your bed with your spouse, make sure that you have a personal light next to your place in order not to bother your other half when you want to read some book before going to sleep.

BedroomNow, let’s talk about your bed. Undoubtedly, your tired back and the whole body will have some proper rest only on a comfortable and suitable bed: for example, the one with wooden frame and orthopedic mattress made of natural materials. Do not spare your money for bedding items (such as pillows, toppers, etc.) because the comfort of your back and muscles at night are absolutely priceless. Place your bed next to the wall but not opposite of the bedroom door, window or mirror. Avoid having something hanged on the wall or ceiling over your bed. For better sleep, the head of your bed must be looking to the south.

Keep the air in your bedroom fresh and moderately humid. However, do not overload your bedroom with plants: this will turn your sleeping environment into green-house. Some people like filling their rooms with different fragrances using aroma sticks for this. It is not recommended to do this in your bedroom unless you are sure that this particular fragrance can stimulate your sleep and relax you. The temperature in your bedroom must not be too high or too low. Undoubtedly, everyone has strictly individual approach to the most comfortable temperature, but specialists suggest keeping the warmth in your bedroom on the level of 24-24C.

Remember that your bedroom is your personal retreat. This is the place where you give yourself over to dreams and thoughts, therefore it has to be well protected from any outer noise and sounds. Silence is a key factor for having a peaceful sleep, so avoid placing such things as telephone, computer, TV, etc. in your bedroom. Use your creativity and individuality to make your bedroom better and better, do not be afraid of experimentations, and good restful sleep will be your welcomed guest every single night.

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