The Colors Of Our Dreams: Red And Pink

Why sometimes we see colored dreams, and sometimes our dreams are just black and white? It is very interesting that decades ago, when the cinema was only black and white, people used to see exceptionally black and white dreams. According to a research of the specialists at Dundee University, people who grew up in 1940s – 1050s still see mainly black and white dreams, and 83% of those individuals who were born after 1960 see mostly colored dreams. At that, only in 7% of the situations modern people still see black and white dreams. That is how the movies or TV shows we watch in our childhood affect or play a role in our dream pattern formation. Interesting, isn’t it?

red color in our dreamsRed Color In Dreams: Red color is one of the most important colors, which can both be astonishing and mesmerizing, and cause anger and rage. Red is a color of fire, passion, sexual energy, emotions and activities. At the same time, it is a color of blood, fury and the devil, therefore some specialists tend to interpret this color as a symbol of sin.

This color symbolizes heart and our cardio-vascular system, which is often linked to symbolizing possible sicknesses and illnesses. People who see red color dominating in their dreams usually are creative and very active people, who have a great desire to live and enjoy this life in its full volume. Sometimes red color in our dreams can symbolize our urges to succeed and win, or looking for sexual adventures. This color is a sign of transformations, looking for ways out, feeling forceful and assertive, and feeling compassion and mercy. Red color in dreams can mean both joy, happiness, luck and irritability, blood, hate.

Pink Color In Dreams: Pink color is a derivative of red (to be proper, a mixture of red and white colors) and is an ultimate symbol of love and romanticism. It can also be understood as a symbol of motherhood and passion of motherly love. Pink color in dreams is a symbol of positive emotions and good health. It is a “female” color which is linked to tenderness, beauty, compassion, patience, tolerance, being sweet and lovely. If pink color is dominant in your dreams, it can mean that you are looking for a shelter to hide from your problems, or looking for love and tenderness, or you can be in need of a remedy to calm down and relax. Pink color in dreams is a sign of new things and new expectations in life.

The Colors Of Our Dreams: Green And Blue

colors in dreamsSpecialists say that about 70% of our dreams are colored. At the same time, dream researchers have discovered that we can actually recall the colors in our dreams only in about 30% of the situations. Certainly, the colors of our dreams are determined by our subconscious and dominant colors are linked to the highest emotional impacts in our daily life. Some studies suggest that dominant color of our dreams can be determined by our age, as well as by such factor our media exposure in our early ages. In particular, it matters what color was dominant in the movies we watched when we were children (between 3 and 10 years old).

Many scientists and dream specialists were interested in studying colors in dreams. They all agree that colors represent our emotional condition, feelings and thoughts, and even can be connected with our physical health. Colors emphasize the meaning of one or another symbol in our dreams and help to make our dreams more expressive. Do your frequently recall colors in your dreams? Do you want to know what does one or another color mean? Then, read the information below.

blue greenLet’s begin with blue, the color of the skies. Blue color in dreams is associated with tranquility, emotional balance and calmness. Seeing blue color dominant in your dreams mean that you are in a state of peace and harmony with your own world, that you are concentrated on your inner self , your spiritual needs and philosophic thoughts. This color is also linked to creative emotional state, art, culture and religion. It symbolizes trust, unity, hope and beliefs. This color can also be a sign of looking for a new relationship which would bring emotional contentment, a sense of harmony and belonging. Blue color is associated with the function of our thyroid gland. This is a color of emotions, intuition, peace of mind and spiritual balance.

Green is another very important color in our life. It is closely associated with our nature, plants and herbs, life, growth and energy. If green is the color that is dominating in your dreams, it means that you are looking for your place in this world, looking for recognition and respect of other people. This color means that for the moment you value stability and do not aspire to changes, you are ready to work hard and protect your possessions, you value your self-esteem and your own opinion the most. Green color is also linked to harmony and balance, emotions and communication with the outer world on various energy levels. Usually, this color is attributed to those people who are focused, detailed oriented and rely on their logic a lot. Finally, this is a color linked to gallbladder and its health. This is a color of development, growth, mental stability and intelligence.

(to be continued)

Our Dreams Can Tell Us Our Problems

DreamsWhat we see in out dreams is a direct reflection of our life problems and our psychological health, says Lauri Quinn Loewenberg, who calls herself a Dream analyst. After spending years in studying the most common sleep patterns and types of dreams, Lauri Quinn Loewenberg has revealed 5 most common types of dreams and their meaning.

According to her findings, those who see buildings, tall or small, in their dreams should understand those building as their mental power or psychological strength. The bigger the building, the stronger you are. Seeing a building in fire means that you are experiencing a strong psychological or physical stress which requires immediate solution.

Seeing an automobile in your dream symbolizes your abilities to develop on personal or professional levels, as well as your abilities to succeed and move forward. At that, Loewenberg is convinced that those who see in their dreams that the breaking system of the car is broken, in real life are overdoing something or doing something wrong.

Seeing blood in your dream is a sign of your physical and emotional energy. If the blood you see in your dream is very red and bright, you are feeling powerful and strong to solve many problems and difficulties in your life. But if you see that you are losing blood in your dream, it can mean that your energy is going away from you body and you should do something to renew it.

If you see yourself drowning in waters, it can mean that you are under certain pressure of the responsibility you’ve taken. Loewenberg says that water is a great symbol of human emotions, and if we see it in our dreams, it means that we are under the power of our emotions. Especially is water comes as a threat to our life in our dream, means that we are under a great effect of our emotions.

Finally, if you see yourself falling down in your dream, it means that a long-term depression is waiting for you. This way your unconscious warns you that there’s something that makes you sad or dissatisfied, therefore you need to do everything possible in order to change the situation for better.

Dreaming Is Linked To Better Memory

DreamingFor the first time in history, a group of scientists at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston managed to define physiological function of dreaming. They found out that dreaming is essential for unconscious processing of the previous experiences and receiving a new layer of knowledge.  The results of this study were published in April 2010 in the online journal Current Biology.

Robert Stickgold, a leader of the study and psychiatry professor at Harvard Medical School, explained the essence if the experiments as the following. Several participants were asked to remember the layout of a 3D maze at the computer screens, and then 5 hours later they were placed again at a random location in virtual space and asked to find a landmark tree. It turned out that those people who were allowed to have a nap and reported about seeing the task in their dreams managed to complete it much faster.

The first author of the study, Erin Wamsley, PhD at BIDMC and Harvard Medical School, says: “Our findings suggest that if something is difficult for you, it’s more meaningful to you and the sleeping brain therefore focuses on that subject – it ‘knows’ you need to work on it to get better, and this seems to be where dreaming can be of most benefit.” That is why the scientists recommend modern students to do their main studies right before going to bed, hoping that their brain and memory will consolidate during the sleep.

What’s got us really excited, is that after nearly 100 years of debate about the function of dreams, this study tells us that dreams are the brain’s way of processing, integrating and really understanding new information,” says Robert Stickgold. The specialist is certain that dreaming is linked to better memory and enhances the abilities of human brain to work on given tasks at various levels.

7 Most Common Symbols We See In Our Derams

Sooner or later, everyone of us start thinking, what one or another dream of ours can mean? We tend to look for a secret or hidden meaning of our dreams, or even a foreshadow. Some people like checking out dream-books to see what one of another pert of their dreams can mean. Below, there are 7 most popular symbols that we see in our dreams very often.

1. MoneyMoney. If you see money in your dream, they symbolize something that is very important in your life. For example, if you find a good amount of money in your dream, it can mean that you are happy in your life. But if you lose money or give it away, it usually brings some negative changes in your life.

2. House. If you build a house in your dream, it means that soon you’ll receive a rise or your incomes will increase. If you see yourself being back to an old house, it means that you’ll receive a good news. If you see a big, wealthy and beautiful house, this means that you will be successful in your deeds and activities.

3. Falling down. If you fall down in your dream, it means that you afraid to lose control of yourself in your life. If you hurt yourself while falling down in your dream, it can mean that you’ll have obstacles on your way to achieving your goals, but you’ll combat those difficulties. You in your dream you see someone falling down, this means that you’ll take a lesson form someone else’s mistakes.

4. Chase. If you are being chased in your dream, it means that you are under deep effects of stresses. If you are followed by a stranger, he or she symbolizes a reason of your stresses. If in your dream you managed to escape the follower, it means that you’ll beat your problems and stresses as well.

5.Loss A loss. If you lost something in your dream, it is a symbol of uncertainty and inability to make a right decision. If you lost a piece of clothing, it means that you are having problems with the people you love.If in your dream you lost something that is very important for you, this can mean that you’ll have to experience a serious loss or problems in real.

6. Sex. If in your dream you make love and take a real pleasure of that, it means that you are in a good and harmonic relationship with your partner. But if you are making love and receive no pleasure, it means that you are having problems with your partner. If in your dream while you are making love someone sees you, it meas that in real someone is very interested in your private life.

7. Teeth. Teeth symbolizing stability and maturity. If in your dream your teeth are falling out, it means that in real you’ll have to face difficulties and troubles. If in your dreams a specialist is treating your teeth, it means that someone will help you to sole your problems and difficulties.