The Colors Of Our Dreams: Green And Blue

colors in dreamsSpecialists say that about 70% of our dreams are colored. At the same time, dream researchers have discovered that we can actually recall the colors in our dreams only in about 30% of the situations. Certainly, the colors of our dreams are determined by our subconscious and dominant colors are linked to the highest emotional impacts in our daily life. Some studies suggest that dominant color of our dreams can be determined by our age, as well as by such factor our media exposure in our early ages. In particular, it matters what color was dominant in the movies we watched when we were children (between 3 and 10 years old).

Many scientists and dream specialists were interested in studying colors in dreams. They all agree that colors represent our emotional condition, feelings and thoughts, and even can be connected with our physical health. Colors emphasize the meaning of one or another symbol in our dreams and help to make our dreams more expressive. Do your frequently recall colors in your dreams? Do you want to know what does one or another color mean? Then, read the information below.

blue greenLet’s begin with blue, the color of the skies. Blue color in dreams is associated with tranquility, emotional balance and calmness. Seeing blue color dominant in your dreams mean that you are in a state of peace and harmony with your own world, that you are concentrated on your inner self , your spiritual needs and philosophic thoughts. This color is also linked to creative emotional state, art, culture and religion. It symbolizes trust, unity, hope and beliefs. This color can also be a sign of looking for a new relationship which would bring emotional contentment, a sense of harmony and belonging. Blue color is associated with the function of our thyroid gland. This is a color of emotions, intuition, peace of mind and spiritual balance.

Green is another very important color in our life. It is closely associated with our nature, plants and herbs, life, growth and energy. If green is the color that is dominating in your dreams, it means that you are looking for your place in this world, looking for recognition and respect of other people. This color means that for the moment you value stability and do not aspire to changes, you are ready to work hard and protect your possessions, you value your self-esteem and your own opinion the most. Green color is also linked to harmony and balance, emotions and communication with the outer world on various energy levels. Usually, this color is attributed to those people who are focused, detailed oriented and rely on their logic a lot. Finally, this is a color linked to gallbladder and its health. This is a color of development, growth, mental stability and intelligence.

(to be continued)

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