The Colors Of Our Dreams: Red And Pink

Why sometimes we see colored dreams, and sometimes our dreams are just black and white? It is very interesting that decades ago, when the cinema was only black and white, people used to see exceptionally black and white dreams. According to a research of the specialists at Dundee University, people who grew up in 1940s – 1050s still see mainly black and white dreams, and 83% of those individuals who were born after 1960 see mostly colored dreams. At that, only in 7% of the situations modern people still see black and white dreams. That is how the movies or TV shows we watch in our childhood affect or play a role in our dream pattern formation. Interesting, isn’t it?

red color in our dreamsRed Color In Dreams: Red color is one of the most important colors, which can both be astonishing and mesmerizing, and cause anger and rage. Red is a color of fire, passion, sexual energy, emotions and activities. At the same time, it is a color of blood, fury and the devil, therefore some specialists tend to interpret this color as a symbol of sin.

This color symbolizes heart and our cardio-vascular system, which is often linked to symbolizing possible sicknesses and illnesses. People who see red color dominating in their dreams usually are creative and very active people, who have a great desire to live and enjoy this life in its full volume. Sometimes red color in our dreams can symbolize our urges to succeed and win, or looking for sexual adventures. This color is a sign of transformations, looking for ways out, feeling forceful and assertive, and feeling compassion and mercy. Red color in dreams can mean both joy, happiness, luck and irritability, blood, hate.

Pink Color In Dreams: Pink color is a derivative of red (to be proper, a mixture of red and white colors) and is an ultimate symbol of love and romanticism. It can also be understood as a symbol of motherhood and passion of motherly love. Pink color in dreams is a symbol of positive emotions and good health. It is a “female” color which is linked to tenderness, beauty, compassion, patience, tolerance, being sweet and lovely. If pink color is dominant in your dreams, it can mean that you are looking for a shelter to hide from your problems, or looking for love and tenderness, or you can be in need of a remedy to calm down and relax. Pink color in dreams is a sign of new things and new expectations in life.

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