The Most Common Lack Of Sleep Causes

Lack Of Sleep CausesThe problems of chronic insomnia and a constant lack of sleep have turned into a real curse for many modern people. Many scientists and experts agree to the fact that those of us who live in big cities are at the highest risk of suffering from this kind of problems compared to the people who live in rural areas. Certainly, those who live in big cities spend most of their times indoors, in the offices or at other workplaces. They are more prone to suffer from stresses as they live a more active business life. They lead less active lifestyle compared to those people who live outside of big cities and mostly spend their time outside. Actually, there is plenty of lack of sleep causes which bring to chronic insomnia and more serious sleep disorders in modern people who live in big cities. Let’s try to look close to the most important and the most influential factors that cause us tossing and turning in our beds all night instead of having a peaceful and restful sleep.

Experts say that about 20 per cent of modern people suffer from a lack of sleep caused by stresses and nervous tension they regularly experience in their daily life. This phenomena is called adaptational insomnia. We tend to think about our problems at work or in our personal life all the time, get very sensitive to this kind of problems and can not sleep due to being too nervous and too much stressed out. Chronic insomnia can also be a result of stresses, as well as a result of more serious nervous conditions including depressive neurosis, mixed anxiety-depressive neurosis, and so on. Undoubtedly, as stress related load is increasing on most of modern people, stresses and depression should be considered among the major and the most dangerous lack of sleep causes, which can sometimes bring to very serious consequences and cause very serious health conditions in today’s people.

Leading too active lifestyle and getting involved into various overwhelming activities, especially before going to sleep, is another very common cause of sleep problems. We watch plenty of thrilling TV shows and horror movies, hear plenty of terrifying news, or play various computer games which have deep impact on our psychology and can cause chemical imbalanced in our brain. Those sometime result in inability to fall asleep or have a proper restful sleep every night. It is very important to control those kind of activities, especially in young children and teenagers since the effects can be really horrible. We should teach our children to follow a proper sleep routine, learn not to get focused on their problems in schools or colleges, to stop playing computer games or watching thrillers before going to sleep, as well as observe the rules of keeping their bedrooms in great shape for having a good night sleep. See some interesting tips here.

There are other less important and less common factors to play a role of lack of sleep causes that specialists are pointing at. Many people who live in big cities work shifts, and this is a key factors which causes huge sleep imbalances and inability of people to have normal rest for months and even years. In our times, as a result of globalization and internationalization, people have to travel a lot, and changing time zones has become one of quite frequent lack of sleep causes. Finally, bad ecology and terrible environment of big cities also contribute to bad health and a lack of sleep in many modern people. In order to fight against sleep problems and taking advantage of restful sleep every night, we should master some effective stress management techniques like yoga, aromatherapy, chatting with friends, or getting a new hobby. It can be good to spend more time outdoors and get involved into moderate physical activities like swimming, cycling, jogging, etc. According to the experts, drinkings sedative herbal teas (like Melissa tea or passion flower tea), having warm foot bath, or listening to some calm music before going to sleep are among the most effective remedies for insomnia.

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