The Best Cure For Insomnia: Get Out Of Bed

Those who suffer from chronic sleep disorders are well aware of how this everything happens. If you missed that special point, just several minutes which you could have used to fall asleep, there’s no point in turning and tossing in your bed anymore. You’ve lost your chance, my friend! In such case, most likely you will not be able to fall asleep till the morning, and your risks of feeling restless, exhausted and worn out in the morning are huge. However, recently American specialists found a new way to fight against insomnia. They say that the most effective strategy to beat it is getting out of bed as soon as you realize that you can’t fall asleep.

InsomniaA group of scientists leaded by Daniel Buysse at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine studied sleep patterns of 79 old adults (average age 72) who suffered from chronic insomnia. The participants used to undergo seances of special therapy, which included behavioral treatment or reading educational materials about sleep disorders. They were all recommended getting out of their beds in case if they could not falls asleep for 15-20 minutes.

The experiments lasted for 4 weeks and after this period of time, about two thirds of the participants reported about considerable improvements and positive response on the behavioral intervention they underwent. Some of the participants were even convinced that they managed to get rid of insomnia completely. Moreover, after 6-months period of time, the participants were invited to the research facilities again to monitor their sleep patterns. Scientists were surprised to see that no one of the participants did not demonstrate tendencies to developing more of sleep disorders.

“A lot of insomniacs spend a lot of time lying in bed worrying about their sleep, among other things.If you’re not ready to fall asleep, don’t lie down in bed and try to force yourself to sleep. And if you wake up in the middle of the night and don’t fall back asleep easily, get out of bed. You don’t want to have any linkage between the experience of lying in bed and being awake,” says Thomas Neylan, a specialist at the University of California. Every fifth person on Earth suffers from chronic insomnia. It is a very serious problem which in most cases leads to serious mental disorders and somatic diseases.


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