Daytime Sleep Can Stimulate Our Brainwork

Many people have a tendency to believing that daytime sleep has very few positive effects and is linked to aging and inability to be active all day long. We are naturally adjusted for being awake in the daytime and have the best sleep at night, but some people still need to have a nap at the daytime. Moreover, according to the results of the latest studies carried out by groups of independent scientists and specialists on different continents of the world, daytime sleep is connected with great rest and significant improvements of our brain function and mental abilities.

Daytime SleepIn particular, a group of Canadian specialists found out that a short nap in the daytime gives perfect rest to our brain and can stimulate our brainwork pretty well! Their experiments involved brain scanning and analyzing brainwork of all the trial participants. It turned out that even 30 minutes of afternoon nap helps people to be more effective in problem solving and assists in concentration and focusing. Therefore, instead of thinking about the problem again and again, the scientists recommend to take a nap, and then the solution will most likely come out itself very soon!

According to another study carried out by the specialists at the University of Haifa and the scientists at the Sleep Laboratory at the Sheba Medical Center, a 90-minute daytime sleep can effectively improve our memory consolidation. The experts measured motor activity of two groups pf the participants, and it turned out that the member of the group who had regular afternoon sleep demonstrated much better task performance and improved skills compared to the group which was awake all day long. The same results were received as to memory consolidation.

Finally, German specialists claim that according to the results of their experiments and studies, even 6 minutes of daytime rest will be enough for our brain to rest and get ready for new tasks and higher problem solving effectiveness. The experts say that it takes only 6 minutes to refresh and recharge our brain for new activities and higher performance. Therefore, even a very short rest can help you improve the effectiveness and make your memory and brain work much better. Long live a 30-minutes daytime sleep, ladies and gentlemen!

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