Our Dreams Can Tell Us Our Problems

DreamsWhat we see in out dreams is a direct reflection of our life problems and our psychological health, says Lauri Quinn Loewenberg, who calls herself a Dream analyst. After spending years in studying the most common sleep patterns and types of dreams, Lauri Quinn Loewenberg has revealed 5 most common types of dreams and their meaning.

According to her findings, those who see buildings, tall or small, in their dreams should understand those building as their mental power or psychological strength. The bigger the building, the stronger you are. Seeing a building in fire means that you are experiencing a strong psychological or physical stress which requires immediate solution.

Seeing an automobile in your dream symbolizes your abilities to develop on personal or professional levels, as well as your abilities to succeed and move forward. At that, Loewenberg is convinced that those who see in their dreams that the breaking system of the car is broken, in real life are overdoing something or doing something wrong.

Seeing blood in your dream is a sign of your physical and emotional energy. If the blood you see in your dream is very red and bright, you are feeling powerful and strong to solve many problems and difficulties in your life. But if you see that you are losing blood in your dream, it can mean that your energy is going away from you body and you should do something to renew it.

If you see yourself drowning in waters, it can mean that you are under certain pressure of the responsibility you’ve taken. Loewenberg says that water is a great symbol of human emotions, and if we see it in our dreams, it means that we are under the power of our emotions. Especially is water comes as a threat to our life in our dream, means that we are under a great effect of our emotions.

Finally, if you see yourself falling down in your dream, it means that a long-term depression is waiting for you. This way your unconscious warns you that there’s something that makes you sad or dissatisfied, therefore you need to do everything possible in order to change the situation for better.

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