Insomnia Is Linked To Sexual Life Disruption

A lot is said and written about the importance of a good night sleep on a regular basis for all of us. Millions of people around the world suffer from insomnia and chronic lack of sleep, and they complain a lot about feeling always tired and exhausted, about inability to focus and get concentrated on their work, about being inefficient and more prone to many common health problems. Studies have shown that a chronic lack of sleep is linked to many negative processes in our body, namely slowed down metabolism and detoxification, common digestive problems like indigestion, flatulence, constipation, etc., linked to higher risks of gaining weight and developing cardiovascular problems which sometimes can turn into very serious diseases and health conditions. The effects of chronic sleep disorders on our daily life certainly go beyond only health condition and may affect our professional, social, and even personal life.

According to the latest findings of the scientists, a chronic lack of sleep cause by various factors (too much work, excessive stresses, certain health conditions, and so on) is very often linked to serious problems in sexual life, like decreased libido and a lack of desire. A group of American specialists led by Dr. Jennifer Peszka, Associate Professor of Psychology and Julia Mobley Odyssey Professor, the University of Southern Mississippi, decided to look closer at the issues related to workaholics and the effects of working too much on our sleep. For the study, they invited a group of 60 students studying in the University of Southern Mississippi, who were asked to fill up detailed questionnaires with plenty of questions about daily life and habits of the participants, about their common sleep patterns and sexual experience of the participants related to enough sleep or a chronic lack of sleep.

After summarizing and analyzing the collected information, the scientists came to the following conclusions. If a young couple reported having a good night sleep, both of the partners stated their good interest in sexual life. Both men and women reported that their sexual life after having a good sleep was very good, however, still most of men reported about believing that sexual interest that women demonstrated was quite low. At the same time, after a rough night and especially those who suffer from a chronic lack of sleep, some changes in the estimations of both men and women took place. Women did not change the estimations as to their sexual interest and sexual interest of their partners, but at the same time men reported that after improper sleep their women demonstrated much higher interest in sexual life comparing to the one they demonstrate after having a good night sleep.

“Sleep deprivation could have unexpected effects on perceptual experiences that could lead people to engage in sexual decisions that they might otherwise not when they are well-rested,” the study leader underlined. The scientists believe that there is a probability of the fact that the findings can be applied not only to our sexual interest, but to some other spheres of our life as well. In other words, those people who suffer from a chronic lack of sleep tend to make decisions and do things that they would never even think about doing if they would have a proper sleep. American researchers say that this can be one more reason to develop healthy sleeping habits and make sure that we have a good sleep on a regular basis. Keep in mind that having a proper sleep every night should be considered one of the most effective tool to reduce the risks of many health problems and improve our life.

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