A Lack Of Sleep Is Linked To Paranoid Thoughts

paranoid thoughtsMany of us are very well-familiar with a wide range of negative effects of insomnia. Those include a terrible feeling of fatigue and restlessness, body aches, headaches, drastically reduced energy levels, slowed down mental functions, lack of attention and inability to focus, resulting in decreased performance and lack of success in daily life, mood swings, irritability, depression and other emotional problems, as well as many many more, depending on personal factors and personality type of every one of us. This reactions we all experience after sleepless nights can affect our entire life to a great extent.

To make the situation worse, nowadays, the specialists could add one more negative effect of a lack of sleep, which is paranoid thoughts. Nice isn’t it? Just like we were lacking problems and bad reactions of our body on chronic insomnia. This week, Dr Daniel Freeman from the Institute of Psychiatry at King’s College London presented the findings of his new research at the Cheltenham Science Festival. He told that insomnia is linked to developing a stable feeling that other people are trying to cause harm or control us. In other words, chronic insomnia is linked to paranoid thoughts and unjustified¬† fears of being harmed by other people.

According to a research, carried out by a group of British specialists leaded by Dr. Freeman,¬† which involved 8,580 adults, those who experience constant lack of sleep reported that within only a month or two their mental condition has worsened, and they have fears that people around tend to harm them. Such paranoid thoughts were registered in about 21% of the participants who suffered constant insomnia, and 9% or them reported that they’d believed in the existing control over their thoughts by outside forces. In addition, 1,5% of chronic insomniacs said that their feelings of anticipating a potential serious harm from other people were sometimes really disturbing.

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