Using Laptops And Cell Phones Before The Bedtime Is Linked To Increased Stresses

Increased StressesModern time’s technologies give us totally amazing new opportunities. We can play incredible 3D games, we can watch TV channels from all over the world, we can talk to our friends in other countries, we can read books and watch movies at any time, listen to any kind of music, etc etc. It is a known fact that nowadays, people use their laptops, iPads, cell phones and all other miracles of modern technology all the time, and a lot is said about how dangerous it can be. Numerous studies have shown how dangerous it is to stay motionless all day and be busy with chatting online, texting friends, playing a game, or watching videos. Certainly, it is not only about sedentary lifestyle (which is undoubtedly a killing factor for our health). We’re always exposed to dangerous waves like WiFi, which can play a very serious role in compromising our health. Finally, the effects of abusing advanced technology on modern time’s kids and teenagers are tremendous, and many experts point to the fact that parents should do everything possible in order to educate their kids using less technology in order to prevent serious health problems.

We already know that using technology like watching TV or surfing online before the bedtime is linked to sleep disorders and quite serious sleep problems. That is why experts recommend staying away from laptops and TVs before the bedtime, at least for an hour or two. Studies have shown that sending emails, texting friends, or even watching some TV shows before going to sleep is linked to increased risks for insomnia, restlessness, and having other common sleep disorders. Specialists also are convinced that removing from our bedrooms all electronic devices like TV sets, computers, cell phones and all everything that we can not imagine our life without can help us normalize our sleep routine and improve our sleep. However, many of us find it hardly possible since our cell phones, Kindles and iPads have already become a very important part of our life. As a recent study has shown, every one of three people use their phones or other technology even while they’re having sex.

This spring, the findings of one more related study were presented at the annual meeting of the Association for Psychological Science. A group of scientists from the United States conducted a study and came to the conclusion that using cell phones, laptops and other similar devices before going to sleep is also linked not only to sleep disorders, but also to being very much vulnerable to stresses, this way increasing the risks of serious diseases and disorders even more. During the research, the experts at University of Texas-Pan American analyzed the data collected on 500 participants, male and female, aged between 18 and 72. The participants were asked to fill in extended questionnaires as to their lifestyle, their sleeping habits and being satisfied with their sleep quality. It turned out that there is a strong link between using technology in the bedroom (right before the bedtime) and increased level of stresses. Certainly, the information was taken from the very participants and based solely on their evaluation on the level of stresses they’re going through.

During the presentation, senior researcher Israel Arevalo, one of the study leaders, referred to the previous findings of his colleagues. In 2011, the results of another study was released saying that up to 95 per cent of modern people use technology devices right before the bedtime. The scientist underlined that this very information inspired the scientific group to start their research. He also underlined that most of the participants were females who identified themselves as Hispanic, however, he does not think that the findings may not be applicable to other ethnic groups. Arevalo said that his expert group was getting ready to start another scientific work on looking closer at how much light emissions from iPads, Kindles, and other commonly used electronic devices can affect stress levels of modern people. Finally, he underlined the necessity to decrease our use of electronic devices in order to reduce our risks to suffer from increased stresses and other related negative factors.

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