Study: Women Need More Sleep Than Men Do

People have various need as to their sleep duration, as well as to the time they must go to sleep and get up. Sometimes, even the most loving and understanding husband and wife can have really different needs in their sleep routine: the wife can like going to sleep early in the evening and waking […]

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Our Sleep Phases Depend On Our Body Clock

You must know very well that sometimes, regardless of our being an owl or a lark, it can be easy to wake up early in the morning and start our working day in a good shape. But sometimes, even if you are used to waking up with the sunrise and flying out of your bed […]

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The Most Common Lack Of Sleep Causes

The problems of chronic insomnia and a constant lack of sleep have turned into a real curse for many modern people. Many scientists and experts agree to the fact that those of us who live in big cities are at the highest risk of suffering from this kind of problems compared to the people who […]

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Japanese Researchers Know How To Read Dreams

All of us see dreams, some if us do almost every night, and some less frequently. Dreams are an integrated part of our brain-work, and actually not seeing dreams is considered by scientists to be not a good sign. We know that our dreams should mean something, they carry some important messages and possibly can […]

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Poor Sleep Is Linked To A Higher Heart Failure Risk

Most of us are aware about the fact how many health risks and serious diseases are linked to poor sleep. Those who suffer from sleep disorders like insomnia or chronic insomnia. restlessness, seeing nightmares and horrors while sleeping, snoring or sleep apnea have considerably higher chances to develop chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, insufficient nutrition and […]

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