Just 7 Days Of Disrupted Sleep Can Have Serious Effects

Since bad or disrupted sleep is a curse of our times, a great deal of researchers are studying and analyzing this problem with the objective to find effective solutions and inform people about the related dangers and risks. The most recent studies have found out that chronic sleep disorders and even such a common problem […]

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Experts: Spicy Food Can Cause Nightmares

Many people like spicy food, and these kind of foods are especially popular in South Asian countries like China, Japan, India, Thailand, and others. Adding plenty of spices to our daily diet is sometimes linked to excellent health effects. For example, there are plenty of positive properties to benefit from using curry seasoning. Some studies […]

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Alcohol And Sleep: The Connections Are Being Studied

It is a known fact that many people sometimes use alcohol as an effective and fast sleep inducer. Drinking a glass or two of wine before going to bed always helps to relax and feel slight calls for falling asleep. In addition to that, many people who are aware about health effects of high quality […]

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A Good Nogth’s Sleep Is A Key To A Happy Family Life

Could you every imagine that a good night’s sleep can be a secret to a happy marriage? So say the scientists from the University of Berkeley, California, who studied sleep patterns and family life of American couples in order to find out the links between their sleep and success of their marriage. It was discovered […]

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A New Interesting Solution To Stop Snoring

Snoring is a problem that is well familiar to many people. It is especially common for aging and overweight people, and very often it affects not only their life and sleep, but also those of the people around. It is estimated that in the United Kingdom, there are over three million people who suffer from […]

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