The Best Position To Sleep

The importance of regular good night’s sleep is very well known. Those who regularly sleep good have much better abilities to focus, improved memory, improved blood pressure, lower risks of developing many serious diseases, as well as other health benefits. And many of us want to know what is the best position to sleep? Some of us feel comfortable sleeping on the back, some like falling asleep laying in the side position, and some enjoy stomach-sleeping. Is there any recommended position which is considered the most comfortable and the healthiest to sleep?

Best Position To SleepAccording to the findings of a recent study, sleeping on the back should be considered the best position to sleep. This position allows total relaxation of our neck and spine, it helps us to find the most comfortable position for our head as well. Also, experts say that this is the best position to slow down formation of wrinkles on our face and prevent acid reflux. However, those who suffer from such sleep disorders as snoring or sleep apnea should avoid sleeping on the back because this position is not favorable for the mentioned conditions and can contribute in making then even worse.

Side-sleeping is also considered a great position for a good night’s sleep. This best position to sleep allows us stretch and completely relax our spine, prevent back or neck pains, decrease snoring and prevent acid reflux. side sleepingThe position on the side is recommended to pregnant women as it helps to improve blood flow to the baby. Specialists suggest that women on the latest stages of pregnancy should choose to sleep on the left side. At the same time, side-sleeping is linked to increased pressure on the shoulders, therefore, those who like sleeping on the side should stretch their shoulders in order to prevent pains and muscle soreness.

As the study have shown, stomach-sleeping should be considered the worst position to sleep. Those who like sleeping this way have minimized risks of suffer from snoring and sleep apnea, but along with that, stomach-sleeping is liked to elevated chances to suffer from neck and back pains, tightness, stiffness and numbness, higher risks to develop wrinkles and breast sagging. This position is not recommended due to extra pressure to the digestive system, too, and it can lead to irritated nerves and other unwanted health conditions.

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