Regular Lack Of Sleep Can Cause Mental Disorders

It is quite common for young people to have regular lack of sleep. Endless late night parties, TV shows, movies and other activities steal their time necessary for rest and sleeping. As a result many young people of our time sleep less than 5 hours a day. Isn’t this harmful? Sure it is, and recently scientists have found out that a regular lack of sleep is linked to not only weakened immune system, lower productivity and mood swings. A regular lack of sleep can also become a reason of serious mental disorders and disturbances.

internetA group of Australian specialists leaded by Nicholas Glozier from the University of Sydney started their study in order to find an answer to the question why the increase in mental disorders and illnesses among today’s young people started taking place. The research involved a year long observation of about 20,000 young people aged 17-24, who slept more and less then 5 hours a day. It turned out that those who have a regular lack of sleep had about 14% increased risks of having distresses and mental instabilities.

Sleep disturbance and in particular insomnia is a predictor of later development of depression and possibly anxiety,” Glozier commented to Australian press. In addition, the scientists found out that late night using of Internet are among the leading causes of insomnia in young people. Glozier says: “Large numbers of my patients are on Facebook or the internet or massive multiplayer games until one or two in the morning but are having to get up at 7am.” As a reaction on such daily routine, nothing else but headaches, body clock problems, mood swings, depressions and other imbalances start taking place.

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