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Our Dreams Can Tell Us Our Problems

What we see in out dreams is a direct reflection of our life problems and our psychological health, says Lauri Quinn Loewenberg, who calls herself a Dream analyst. After spending years in studying the most common sleep patterns and types of dreams, Lauri Quinn Loewenberg has revealed 5 most common types of dreams and their […]

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Interesting Facts About Our Sleep

It is possible to talk for hours about why we like sleeping and what is a good sleep like. Below, there are a number of interesting facts and information about our sleep. Statistics says that the Spaniards usually sleep 40 minutes less than other European nations do, and the French sleep the longer: up to […]

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Dreams Are Free, so Free Your Dreams…

What was your most pleasant dream ever? You were Agent Smith fighting with Neo, or you were acting like James Bond trying to save the girl you love from bad guys. No, no, no: you were in the bedroom with Paris Hilton or you were playing bass for Avril Lavigne. Now, what was your most […]

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