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Insomnia, A Professional Disease In Cops

Sleep disorders can be considered a group of professional diseases of modern police officers. According to the findings of experts from the Center for Sleep and Circadian Neurobiology at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, up to 40 per cent of today’s police officers in the United States and Canada suffer from chronic sleep disorders […]

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The Best Position To Sleep

The importance of regular good night’s sleep is very well known. Those who regularly sleep good have much better abilities to focus, improved memory, improved blood pressure, lower risks of developing many serious diseases, as well as other health benefits. And many of us want to know what is the best position to sleep? Some […]

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Snoring Affects Our Brain Activity

It is a known fact that about 25% of men and women above 45 suffer from serious snoring and sleep apnea. At that, about 3% of those experience gasping and numerous interruptions in breathing, which eventually lead to constant sleep interruption at night. Recently, a group of British specialists carried out  a series of researches, […]

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