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Several Tactics to Make Your Child Love Going to Bed

Many children hate the time to go to bed. Even if they are tired and their eyes are closing, such children do everything possible to resist their calls to go to sleep and want to stay awake. Many mums have to face this problem, and many mums already know that the best way to calm […]

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What Shall I Do to Help My Child Sleep Better?

When your child can not sleep well at night, it usually becomes a problem for the whole family. Some children sleep more than 10-11 hours a day, but some do not like sleeping and stay awake till midnight. Therefore, an individual approach is needed for every child when creating his sleep strategy and developing good […]

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What Do I Have to Know About the Sleep of My Child?

It is impossible to underestimate the importance of good sleep for proper development and wellbeing of your child. Sometimes, sleeping is the only way for very active children to rest and recover after their daily physical activities. Besides, the hormones that stimulate growth of human organism are mostly produced during sleep. Finally, children’s imagination is […]

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