Sleeping With The Light On May Lead To Unwanted Effects

Sleeping With The Light OnA lot of children afraid of falling asleep in total darkness. That is why very frequently they ask their parents to leave the light on in their bedroom. Some parents use special dim lights or special night light that are quite fine and usually do not cause any problems of disturbances. However, according to the studies of American and Japanese scientists, if a child sleeps with the regular, bright light, sooner or late this habit will have certain unwanted negative side effects on the child’s sleep routine and mental condition.

According to the findings of this research, the first negative effects of sleeping with the bright light one are developing sleep disorders, lower quality of sleep and sleep cycle irregularities, as well as hyperactivity, irritability, etc. Another study carried out by the specialists at the Scheie Eye Institute in Pennsylvania showed that the children who have a habit of sleeping with regular bright light have higher risks of being shortsighted. The experiments involving 480 children from 2 to 16 years old proved that sleeping with the light on is linked to 20% more increased risks of becoming shortsighted.

Finally, the specialists from Ohio University found out that the habit of sleeping with bright light on is also quite dangerous for adult people. The two-week experiment demonstrated that those adults who enjoy sleeping with the lights on have much higher risks to develop depression and other related psychological conditions. At that, in women these risks increase up to 30%. The specialists underline that similar effects can be received watching too much of TV programs before going to sleep. Therefore, they highly recommend avoid placing a TV in the bedroom.

Sleep Disorders in Our Life

Sleep DisordersWe spend about one third of our life sleeping, and having good regular sleeps is absolutely essential for everyone. Sleeping helps us to refresh our mind, have some rest after hard working days and maintain good health. However, nowadays not many of us can have regular healthy sleep. There are certain physiological conditions which bring to problems for people to breathe freely and easily during sleep. There is a great deal of sleep disturbances which do not allow people to recover and regain their mental and physical strength. Day by day such people are getting weaker and more depressed. Sooner or later, they have to forget about such natural things as a good spirit, excellent work capacity and mental abilities, ideal memory and appearance, which can only be stimulated by regular good sleep.

Sleep disturbances and disorders are very frequent in our times and almost everyone knows their signs and reasons. One of the prevailing reasons of problems with sleep is usual neglect of our biorhythms. Very often we extend our waking ours with the help of various stimulants or willpower, and certainly, it can be done only at the expense of our time for sleeping. Another leading reason is chronic pains or psychological disturbances, such as stresses or depression. Sleep disorders cause tiredness, weakness, impaired motor skills, inability to focus or concentrate, weaker immune system and slowed down metabolism, as well as other unwanted consequences.

SnoringThere are periodic, temporary and chronic sleep disorders. Serious ones, like narcolepsy, parasomnias, sleep apnea and others, usually require medical treatment and immediate changes in daily behavior. If you are suffering from chronic insomnia or other disturbance, see a specialist in order to diagnose your problem correctly. Only doctor can recognize the type of disorder and recommend the most effective treatment. For example, sleeping pills and tranquilizers are the most effective medications for insomniacs, and effective antidepressants and stimulants must be prescribed to the people who have hypersomnia (extreme sleepiness).

Nevertheless, in the majority of the situations your relief from problems with sleep is in your own hands. If you started having regular periods of insomnia, difficulties when falling asleep or waking up, as well as seeing scary or disturbing dreams, you can begin with making slight changes in your daytime behavior and sleep habits. Every day go to sleep at the same time, sleep in comfortable bed and in comfortable environment. Spend your time before going to bed in doing something calm and monotonous, or take a shower. Do not start using sleeping pills until your doctor did not recommend you to do so. And one more rule: set your mind for good sleep, and stay wrapped in slumber deep and sweet all night long.